Getting Stuff Done with Mobile Technologies

At this time in history it has become possible, for the first time, to do almost everything anywhere you are. While ten minutes spent waiting at the bus stop would in the past have permitted me only to read a book or newspaper I carried with me on print, I can now use those same ten minutes to write several e-mails, buy the groceries, read the news, and play a game of solitaire. Give me a few extra minutes and I could make a few phone calls and read a paper or a a few pages in an e-book. The era of Everything Everywhere has come, and brings with it the opportunity for unprecedented productivity.

Some tasks that this applies to include:

  • communicating with friends and work colleagues, by e-mail or by phone
  • studying or reading the news
  • entertainment and games
  • shopping
  • working

The three technologies that have gotten us here are the internet, smartphones, and laptops. The challenge for us users is to master these new and powerful resources to do more and better stuff, without getting drawn away by the many opportunities for distraction that they provide.

Image credit: yupiramos / 123RF Stock Photo

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